Hello, My Name is Earl

Hi! My name is Earl Whittemore, and I have been a teacher in North Carolina for eight years.  Now, I’m starting a new adventure.  I will be the Technology Director at Roxboro Community School.  As a part of that grand adventure, I’m also starting the MAET (Master of Arts in Educational Technology) at my dream school, Michigan State.  It took me 20 years to finally be able to say I go to State (totally worth the wait).

A bit about what you’ll find here.  This is a chronicle of my twin grand adventures.  It will show my progress in school and work.  I look forward to the interplay that this will bring, as I share the struggles and triumphs that all great adventures bring.  In the words of the immortal Steven Curtis Chapman, “Saddle up your horses, we have a trail to blaze!”

Here is a short, short take on some of the aspects of educating students (with and without technology) that I hold to be important.  Take a look:

UPDATE:  As I approach the end of MAETy1, I have been struck by how my love for students and technology have flourished over the years.  I created the following Prezi to show a little of that intersection. If you click the picture, it will take you to Prezi’s website.


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