Networked Learning Project

In our MAET classes this summer, one of the major projects is called the networked Learning Project.  Essentially, we can choose any topic that we want with the only restrictions being that it has to be something we don’t already know and that it has to be something that we actually want to do.  In order to accomplish this task, we must first lay out what it is that we actually want to do (that would be this post).  We then need to seek out people by means of the internet and our PLN to figure out how to do it.  The purpose is to give us an assignment that will allow us to see the efficacy of this approach with our own students.

With all of that in mind, my head was swarming with possibilities.  I though about learning how to cook Shepherd’s pie, to build a paver stone patio, how to put down laminate flooring, and how to install ceiling fans.  I reread the directions, and it seems to indicate that we should do something useful.  As some of you may know (if you read about me), I am starting a new job.  One of the tasks that I have is to run virtual servers (including troubleshooting, maintaining, and creating new servers as necessary).  I have decided to learn how to create and run a virtual server on my school’s network.


The resources that I need include but are not limited to:

  5. Will Montgomery (a 17 year old high school senior that actually set up all of the current virtual networks; he is my tutor)
  6. Jason Clayton (former tech director at my school)

The plan is to tell Will about this project and get his feed back on the best way to make this happen with out causing an issue with the school’s network.  Before he starts explaining everything to me, I am going to watch the videos above so that I have the necessary background knowledge to hopefully understand him.  Finally, I will talk to Jason to answer any clarifying questions that I may have.

I am excited about getting started on this project when I get back to Roxboro.


[Untitled illustration of PLN]. CC BY-SA 3.0. Retrieved June 27, 2016

[Untitled illustration of Virtualization]. CC BY-SA 2.0. Retrieved June 27, 2016

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