Quick Fire #5: Infographics

Today, we (the students) totally violated the purpose of the Quick Fires, which if you will recall is basically to put us in a timed, stressful situation to see what happens.  In this particualr instance, we all ignored the thirty minute time limit and spent 90 minutes on it.  I have a theory for why that was, which I’ll share after I explain the parameters a bit.

We were instructed to look at a few sites, pick a learning theory, and make an infographic that explains it fairly thoroughly.  My theory as to why we spent so much time on this has three parts.  The first is that they didn’t have us present right at the end of the thirty minutes (allowing for our blatant cheating).  The second reason is that we spent a bit too much time looking up the information necessary to make the infographic.  The third is that it was stinking fun.  Seriously.  I had the more fun doing this particular one than pretty much all the other ones combined.

If you are one of the folks that knows me, you probably guessed which theory I did, since I have the kids take a survey to determine where they fall on the spectrum every year.  Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences is the means through which most of my differentiation happens.  My love for it is real, and it has survived the seven year itch.

As to why it was fun, I’m a bit of a geek (shocked I know), and I just love doing stuff like this.  The instructors also encouraged snarkiness (my word not there’s) and goofiness, which as you may have noticed I have a love for.

The program I chose to use was Pictochart (mainly because it looked cool).  I’ll share more about it in another post.  Here is the link to the final product. A small portion of it is below:



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