Haiku Deck

In all honesty, whenever I have the students do a presentation, I just tell them to use Google Slides.  I rarely go looking for anything other than that.  However, thanks to my classes at MSU, I was exposed to a different tool called Haiku Deck.  In this episode, we will be looking at the awesome (affordances) and the limitations (constraints).

Haiku 1

Haiku Deck is more than just another presentation tool.  It is intuitive in design.  The needed buttons are clearly displayed and the icons logically show what they do.  An added perk is that there is just the right amount of choices.  There isn’t so much that students will get bogged down with choices, and there aren’t too few to make the created products generic and boring.

Haiku Deck does the best in terms of the choices in how the pictures can be presented. They also have a bank of pictures that you can use, or you can choose to upload your own pictures. They vary from large to what a classmate (Katie Dahmer) referred to as a “port hole.”

Haiku 2

There is also a bit of variability in how the information is presented in Haiku Deck.  This ranges from where it appears on the slide to whether it is in bullet points or not.

While Haiku Deck has a number of perks, it also has some limitations.  The space for adding information is limited (particularly on the slides on which you use pictures).  This seems to be by design, though. Additionally, while you can add video, it is a feature that you have to pay for.  

If you are interested in how you might use this in class, I have another post where I try to start the discussion.  With that said, where could you see yourself using this program?  Do the affordances outweigh the constraints?

Haiku 5

All images were taken as screen shots from http://www.haikudeck.com.

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