One of the tools that shows up in my classes the most is called Kahoot!  Basically, it is a platform for creating your own game show that students can participate in via any internet connected device. Your question and answer choices are displayed on the wall (or your computer) for the students to answer on their device.  The answer choices are color and shape coded, but on the student device they only see the color and shapes (which is a perk for the color blind student/teacher).

It has a number of affordances that make it ideal for use with students.  First off, the kids’ level of enthusiasm for participating in Kahoots is always high.  Secondly, you can create your own Kahoot, find someone’s already made Kahoot, or take someone else’s Kahoot and modify the questions to fit your student’s needs.

As you can see here, another affordance is that there are two game modes.  Classic refers to each student being able to answer for themselves, while team let’s students work together to answer the questions (ideal for when you have a limited number of devices or you want to foster collaboration).  


Additionally, if you use classic mode, you can download an XML file with all of the questions and the response each person made for easy data analysis.  This makes it ideal for pretests and formative assessments.  Side note:  if you have students teach the class about topics that interest them, they love to use Kahoot to make their own pretests and posttests using Kahoot.  

Kahoot 3

There are a few constraints that you should be aware of.  The first is that due to the way the code is set up (and space restraints) your questions and answers have a limited number of characters.  Currently, users cannot combine separate Kahoots into one larger Kahoot without having to redo the whole thing.  

As you can see, this tool has tremendous functionality and utility for virtually any classroom.  What do you think?  How can we use this with our students to further their learning?

All images come from http://www.createkahoot.com

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