Help? I Don’t Need Help! Never mind….Will!

When last we visited my journey toward creating a functioning Server, I made it to the point that I couldn’t connect to a Virtual NIC.  As it turns out, I didn’t make it very far in the process.  I talked to Will (the eighteen year old tech genius) about why I had that problem, and he told me that our laptops didn’t support virtual NICs on their wireless adapters.  He suggested using the real server at school, which is what we did.

Will is the one that set up all of the Virtual Servers for the school, so he was more than happy to walk me through step by step what to do.  You can see the slideshow below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The point of this whole affair (other than to learn something I need to know for my job) was to utilize a PLN to do something that I had never done before.  I am always willing to go to Google or watch videos or read posts to learn how to do things.  Where I tend to come up short is in actually directly asking people for help.

I come very much from a pull yourself up by your bootstraps background, which tends to cause me to not seek out other people’s help.  I think it is a weird mix of not wanting to put someone out, egotism, and feeling like I should be able to do it on my own.

It Worked!

This experience showed me that reaching out to people is a far preferable way to go about learning new things.  Having Will to show me what to do in person so I could ask questions was invaluable.

This really hit home when I sat down to make the video.  I decided to show step by step exactly what I needed to do to create the video.  Unfortunately, I created the one with the pictures above about two weeks ago.  I forgot some things…important things as it turns out.

This would not have been an issue, except that Will (my fount of knowledge who is a senior in high school) is on vacation.  I was on my own (with a little help from Google which turned into no help from Google).

First, I forgot how I added the driver for the printer, which I figured out in about 20 minutes.  Next, I spent a full two hours (more than that actually) trying to figure out why it wouldn’t let me share the printer to the directory (I hadn’t added the server to the domain so it didn’t have rights to add it to the directory, as the lovely picture illustrates).

This Cost Me Two Hours

What I was struck by in this whole experience was that it would have been way easier to just ask Will.  Now, will I forget those two things in the future? Probably not.  However, I hope to never forget that there is a reason that we are surrounded by people…so we don’t have to go it alone.

With that said, there are two videos.  The first starts where the last video left off with the PLN Update and is about five and a half minutes or so.

The last video is a from beginning to end showing of exactly how you make a virtual server using Hyper V.

If you have any questions, fire away.  If I know the answer, I’ll let you know.  If not, I’ll ask Will.

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