som 1Normally, I try to limit these posts to the free version of tools.  However, I use this one enough that it was worth the money to have the other functions (such as recording the sound on the computer as well as your voice.  I also attempt to be impartial and detached when I review tools, but I ma pretty attached to this one.

It does a lot of things well.  It works on a variety of machines and browsers.  You can download it or access it from their website (you do need to have a plugin for it to work).

You have a lot of options about what is recorded.  You can just capture the screen or you can also use your webcam to have your image in the corner as you speak.  You also have a choice about how much of the screen that you actually want to record.


While recording, you can pause and snip part of what you did and restart, or you can completely start over.  Once the recording is done, you can very easily upload to the Screencast-O-Matic site or to YouTube once you set up your account.  You can also use it’s tools to draw on the screen.

As to constraints, I haven’t really run into any yet.  I have used it often, as has one of my colleagues at school, and it has done its job.  If anything, it’s features are not a robust as some of the other screencast tools available.  However, I like its spartan nature.

Which screencast tool do you recommend?  Have you used this one?

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