Define: The Brainstorming

This week as noted earlier in CEP 817 we have entered the Define step of the Stanford Design Model.  In this post, I am going to go through three brainstorming steps.  First, I will be asking myself why? five times to try to find a root cause for the problem I am exploring.  Next, I will perform what is called the Why-How ladder.  Here I will start with what appears to be needed, ask why and state my response in the form of a need.  I will continue to move up asking why questions and move down asking how questions.  Finally, I will create point of view analogies and a point of view want ad.

Step 1:  Why…Why…Why…Why…Why

Why does a teacher need well-designed professional development for technology tools? Teachers need to learn new technologies to use in the classroom.  Why do teachers need to learn about new technologies?  New technologies enable teachers and students to work more creatively, efficiently, and/or intelligently.  Why would teachers need to work more creatively, efficiently, and/or intelligently?  Depending on the technology, teachers could grade papers faster, deliver information more effectively, keep up with assignments easier, and simplify communication.  Why would these skills be useful? Teachers have very limited time to get everything done that they must so anything that can be done to streamline the process will help them complete all of their tasks.  Why would professional development be useful to teachers?  If done well, the return on investment for their time will be high enough that they see value in the professional development and will want to continue learning.

Step 2:  Why How Ladder


Step 3:  Point of View Want Ad:

Dedicated teacher seeking professional development that is serious about setting specific goals and working to meet those goals.  I am tired of professional development that is more worried about covering everything rather than being dedicated to my needs.  Seeking professional development that can be focused and direct without wasting my time running me around.

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