Sniglets: Inventing Words when Needed

This week in CEP 817 we have entered the Define phase of the Stanford Design thinking model.  As part of our preparation for that, we were introduced to Sniglets.  The basic idea is that there are certain things or actions that should have a term for it but does not.  One of the examples that they gave us was:  “110 At The Equator (won’ ten at the ek way’ tawr) – n. Any burning sensation experienced directly below the navel when putting on a pair of jeans straight from the dryer.”

I have been tasked with creating three Sniglets.  I honestly had a hard time not just going and finding three of them.  It isn’t often that I struggle with academic dishonesty but this particular task was hard for me (as is the other lab from this week).  I have been stuck on them for four days now.


I decided that the best thing to do was to focus on work and what I see the kids (and teachers) do.  Without further delay, here are my three Sniglets with pronunciation keys from the Cambridge Dictionary.

  1. Eyestruthmouthlies – (ɑɪz truθ mɑʊθ lɑɪz) – When a student (or teacher) says they have no idea what is wrong with the computer but there is a cracked screen and the corner is smashed.
  2. Snatchpulldoh – (snætʃ pʊl doʊ) – When a student (or teacher) snatches the computer open and their thumb cracks the screen.
  3. Ohmygodmylifeisoverifyoucan’tretrievemygoogledoc – (oʊ mɑɪ ɡɑd mɑɪ lɑɪf ɪz ˈoʊ·vər ɪf ju kænt rɪˈtriv mɑɪ ˈɡuː.ɡəl dɑk) – The look and overall disposition of a panicked student who has lost a document that they need to turn in 10 minutes ago.


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