Ideate Step 2

Step one was reading this article.  Step two is functionally speaking doing a brainstorm about my problem of practice using the following as a primer:

  • Start by writing up some rough/informal “idea notes” of anything you’re thinking of about your problem of practice:
    • Questions you are struggling with
    • Issues or variables that present a problem for you
    • Thoughts you are kicking around in your head on your problem
    • Possibilities, ideas, or solutions that have entered your mind
    • These idea notes can take any form that you want. Their main purpose is to prime your mind and prepare you for the stages to come. Type them up as simple thinking-notes, or if you are more visual you can draw them on paper as sketches, concepts, or informal brainstorm notes. The form they take is of less importance than the importance of getting your mind prepped for the stages to come.

I took fifteen minutes to come up with the following brainstorm:

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