Ideate Steps 3 and 4

As noted in the last post, I am working through the Ideate stage of my problem of practice.  Step three required me to incubate, which essentially means I took a break from thinking about the process and did something else to allow my brain to work through things in the background. The requirements for the incubation stage was that I do something that would keep my mind off the problem and give me something quiet to do.  I took that opportunity to take my 60lb Great Pyrenees puppy outside to play.  Unfortunately, she was scared by a bird (she didn’t even see it; she just heard it) and wanted to go inside, so I raked up some leaves and filled in some holes in the yard.

Once my 35 minutes (went a bit over the 30) were up, I revisited the document from step two.  I copied it and answered the questions as well as wrote out a synthesis of my thoughts on the problem of practice at the bottom.  You can see it here:


This was an interesting experience.  I typically just start something and try to finish it before I move on to something else.  This experience did give me a chance to think about things in a more structured manner.  I tend to be thinking about these things in the back of my mind over time as I am preparing to actually do the assignment.  However, I rarely stop in the middle to give my brain a chance to reset.  I think that it is a valuable thing to do.  While I did not have any epiphanies, it did assist me in looking at and relooking at ideas to make sure they are tenable.  I will definitely do something similar in the future.

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