Prototype of a PD Plan that…Well Needs Your Help

This week we went from merely conceptual to actually needing to produce something that is actionable in my CEP 817 class.  This week we are in the Prototype stage, and it was time for me to create a prototype for my problem of practice which if you are new here is my desire to create a useful professional development (PD) plan.

This has been quite the process for me.  When I started it, I assumed our teachers would want it to be online and easily accessible, so I planned on creating PD modules in Canvas as my prototype.  I then started working my way through the Stanford Design Thinking Model and I quickly discovered that only a small percentage of teachers would actually want that.  I also discovered that there is very little consistency in exactly what they would want.

As we brainstormed last week, my friend and I came up with a list of things that the plan needed to have, but we were a bit short on actually creating the plan.  That is what prototyping is for.  Here is the plan in its sort of first draft (I have changed about ten things as I went through proofreading it):

This is the first prototype, which means that it most likely isn’t going to float.  That is where you come in.  I am requesting that you read over it and poke holes in it where you see them.  Give constructive criticism so that I can revise it to make it better.

I honestly tend to skip straight to this stage.  However, had I done that this time, I would have completely missed the boat.  It is only with it joined with the other stages (Empathize, Define, Ideate), that I have come as far as I have.

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