Dream IT Project Part I:

Brief project description:

When I was a Social Studies teacher, I always had the hardest time getting the students to “see” history. Without seeing, there was very little understanding of why people chose the decisions that they did.  I would do my best to show them images and share word pictures of the places we talked about, but I was never able to immerse the students in the moments I was trying to get them to understand.  A video sort of does this, but it is inadequate.  I would pull it up on Google Earth, but that too was inadequate.  What they really need is to go there.  Unfortunately, I taught ancient history, and we were unlikely to go on a worldwide adventure.  Eventually, I was exposed to Google Cardboard (at a church of all places).  I instantly saw this immersive experience as exactly what I was looking for.  I could take the students to the Great Wall.  I could stand shoulder to shoulder with them at Thermopylae.  My proposal, then, is to get a class set of Google Cardboards for my school that will benefit Ancient History students, as well as the sciences. I am now the Technology Director, so this is a project that can benefit the whole school– not just my old classroom.

20090529 Great Wall 8185

This is the first of five parts, which are Part I: Brief project descriptionPart II: Outline the transformation you would like to see in your teaching and your students’ learningPart III: Presenting the Total PACKagePart IV: Evaluation, and Part V: How does your project connect with other key issues in educational technology? If you prefer, you can view the project all on one page here.

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