Dream IT Project Part V:

How does your project connect with other key issues in educational technology?

One of the major issues facing educational technology is equitable access to tools such as Google Cardboard.  One of the perks of using this in class is that students can get their own version for relatively cheap provided someone they know has a smart phone.  While they wouldn’t have guided instruction like they would with Expeditions, they could still access a wealth of information that matches their interests.

Critical Thinking Skills DiagramAnother issue is the desire for technology to help foster creativity and critical thinking.  The whole purpose of using Google Cardboard in this instance is for students to be exposed to information and then engage their minds to think deeply about various issues surrounding the topic that is chosen (such as sharks in the instance above).  The immersive feel of this experiential learning opportunity allows students to engage deeply and seek out their own understanding while using the Cardboard and afterward.

One area that I need to look into more deeply is how to bring UDL to bear on this.  For instance, how will this affect students that have vision issues (ranging from wearing glasses to have severe vision issues)?  Additionally, how can this be adapted for students that are hearing impaired?  So much of the lesson is predicated on the experience itself that when you take away the sound or the sights it might not have the same impact.  One potential way to combat this is to provide better sound devices that include bass and/or modified Cardboards that allow for wearing glasses or allow for adjustments within the device itself.

This is the fifth of five parts, which are Part I: Brief project descriptionPart II: Outline the transformation you would like to see in your teaching and your students’ learningPart III: Presenting the Total PACKagePart IV: Evaluation, and Part V: How does your project connect with other key issues in educational technology? If you prefer, you can view the project all on one page here.

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