On this page, you will find the major assignments for CEP 800: Learning in School and Other Settings.  These include the SteamLab Conference and Dream IT Project.

SteamLab Conference

This assignment was brand new to the MAETy2 program, so we had fun blazing a new trail.  You can read the directions here.  My partners for this assignment were Shari Saddison and John Howell.  Essentially, we were tasked with developing a professional development program that related to STEAM education that we would then present at a conference with roughly 140 attendees.  My group chose to present on QuickFires.  More specifically, we focused on how attendees could create their own QuickFires using lessons that they were already doing.  As part of the presentation, we created a website that we intended to be a resource for people interested in using QuickFires in their classroom. You can view pictures of attendees by using the #quickfiresk12 hashtag. You can also view our presentation here.


Dream IT Project

The Dream IT Project was an opportunity for us to develop a proposal that could be utilized to obtain a grant for technology that we could use in our classroom (or in my case school).  My proposal revolves around getting a class set of 30 devices that can be used to utilize Google Expeditions and other Virtual tour applications. The Dream IT project has five parts, which are Part I: Brief project descriptionPart II: Outline the transformation you would like to see in your teaching and your students’ learningPart III: Presenting the Total PACKagePart IV: Evaluation, and Part V: How does your project connect with other key issues in educational technology? If you prefer, you can view the project all on one page here.

Assembled Google Cardboard VR mount