On this page, you can view the major assignments for CEP 815: Technology & Leadership which include Exploring Key Topics in Educational Technology and the Final Reflection Paper.

Exploring Key Topics in Educational Technology:  Webinar Project (CEP 815)

For this assignment, our group (Jocelyn Paez, Emily Sherbin, and myself) were responsible for organizing and conducting a live webinar utilizing YouTube Live and Google Hangouts on Air.  The directions for this project can be found here.  My group chose to do a Webinar on this topic:  Technology to assist learning II: Meeting the diverse needs of your students, assistive technologies, particularly through the idea of Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

As we tackled this assignment, we created a planning document where we posted research, questions, ideas of who to invite, the email that we sent out, the blog post we sent for the MSU Bridge site, resources, and technical information about how to do the Webinar.  Emily and Jocelyn primarily led the question and answer session, while I controlled microphones, made sure everything was working and monitored Twitter and YouTube comments, as well as advertising on Twitter throughout the Webinar.  We had several guests including Marnie Diem (Tech Director at Hillel Day School), Stephen Blosser (Assistive Technology Specialist at Michigan State University), Mike Ryan (Research Associate at Georgia Tech in the Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Computing (CEISMC)), and Randy Brookins (fourth grade teacher who previously worked with special needs student at CHOA).  To view the webinar, click on the advertisement I created below.


Final Reflection Paper (CEP 815)

The last major individual project (other than compiling this portion of the website) was a reflection paper that asked me to look back over what I learned as I participated in the course work this summer and also to look forward to determine what I am going to focus on to continually improve as an educator.  You can find the reflection here.